Recent Graduate Courses

  • Resisting Incredulity and Silencing
  • Epistemology of Ignorance
  • Feminism and the Biological Sciences
  • Feminism, Bodies, and Biology
  • Objectivity
  • Oppression and Human Nature
  • The Social Epistemology of Science

Recent Undergraduate Courses

  • Gender, Social Justice, and Entrepreneurship
  • Science and Citizens
  • Introduction to Epistemology and Metaphysics
  • Challenging Ideas (Introduction to Philosophy)
  • Critical Thinking about Science
  • Human-Canine Relationships

Graduate Research Areas (intensive independent studies)

  • Epistemology of Ignorance and Fat Studies, Pamela Dedman, in progress
  • Epistemology of Ignorance and Disability, Cael Dobson, 2021
  • Microaggressions and the Epistemology of Ignorance, Lynne Sargent, 2020
  • Feminist Epistemology, Janet Jones, 2019
  • Values in Science, Matt Silk, 2015
  • Feminist Philosophy of Biology, Jamie Sewell, 2014
  • Philosophy of Evolutionary Psychology, Sara Weaver, 2013
  • Scientific Explanation, Cathy Gee, 2012

Graduate Students

Sandra DeVries, PhD candidate
Working title: Multi Racial Identity in the Philosophy of Race

Blake Freier, PhD candidate
Working title: How to Responsibly Use Science in Policy

Cael Dobson, PhD student
Topic: Feminist Epistemology and Disability

Sara Weaver, PhD
A Constructive Critical Assessment of Feminist Evolutionary Psychology,